How We Work
3 Fronts
  • Prevention
  • Restoration
  • Leadership Development
  • Priceless Cube: Domestically & globally preventing human trafficking through education. 
  • Long-Term Restoration: Within the context of a loving home survivors heal & dream of a better future.
Leadership Development
  • Education: Within a holistic model survivors are equipped to lead lives of purpose & impact. 
Getting to the Root
Human trafficking is rooted in the exploitation of vulnerability.
  • Lack of Education:   Those lacking education or an understanding of trafficking are at high-risk.
  • Lack of Equality: Those who to not have legal citizenship or are in a marginalized population are at high-risk.
  • Economic Distress: Those living in extreme poverty are at high-risk.
  • High School & Beyond:  Providing education up to & through university.
  • Self-Defense: Equipping survivors to never again be a victim.
  • ​Discipleship: Focusing on their identity in Christ, survivors learn their true value.
  • Life Skills: Empowering them to lead lives of resilience, purpose & impact.
  • Citizenship: Gaining legal citizenship in the country in which they reside provides opportunity for legitimate work.
  • Counseling: Healing from complex trauma in a safe, restorative environment.
  • Leadership Development    Moving from captivity to being catalysts for cultural change.
Economic Distress
  • Hire to Study: Earning a viable income based on their participation & performance in school, survivors are able to provide for their families & plan for their future.
  • Micro Business Loans: Empowering survivors to begin a thriving business, preventing further exploitation of themselves or family members.

Priceless Cube

PricelessCube is a seven-panel, puzzle cube that unfolds and flips to reveal images that emphasize key elements to understand Human Trafficking. This proven any-language education model uses the oldest form of communication... transferable storytelling through images. PricelessCube is adaptable to the environment you're in and relevant to the one who listens.
Within the context of a loving family home restoration happens. Survivors are embraced by a foster family trained to meet their needs and love them toward Jesus and wholeness.  The C31 program empowers every survivor to gain an education through university and pursue a life of hope and purpose.
Leadership Development
Our chief purpose is to facilitate intimacy with Jesus so that people may be set free from their captivity, their trauma and their sin. The essence of this leadership development is that those who have been held captive become catalysts for cultural change.
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