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Captivity to Catalyst

In this 51 minute video and companion study guide, you will…

1. Consider how trauma, pain or loss changed your view 
of yourself, God or the world.

2. Wrestle with the sovereignty of God.
Can He be both all-loving and all-powerful? 

3. Reflect:  How has  your own captivity uniquely equipped YOU to impact the lives of others?

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“First of all, I am not a Christian, but this message challenged me to look at faith in an entirely different light. Now I am wondering if despite everything I have suffered, there might be a good God that loves me after all.”  Michelle J.
"I served in the military for 8 years and I was stationed in *** ******
for most of that time. Many times I visited countries in SE Asia.
It was all fun and games to go out and party and meet with women.
I never imagined that I would be contributing to modern-day slavery.
Neither did I ever stop and think what might be happening in the background.When I heard this message, I was inspired to take action."   Anonymous 

[PDF] Companion Study Guide

This free study guide will equip you to get the most out of the video session as you consider the events of your own life and how God might have used captivity to prepare you for Kingdom impact.

How Has Captivity In Your Own Life Equipped You For Kingdom Impact?

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